OpenWork Limited

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OpenWork designs solutions that enable you to find, link, and share information in ways that work for you. We provide system design, implementation and development with Geospatial Technologies, Linked Open Data, and Online Catalogue Systems. We work closely with international and regional standards organisations to ensure that the solutions we provide are open, robust and sustainable.

Focus areas

Geospatial information

Location is the primary means by which things are related, in that nearer things tend to be more related to each other than further things. We provide our geospatial expertise to help you pick up on these relations.

Linked Open Data

Aggregating information from multiple sources can be a pain. A pain that Linked Data, a set of open standards from the W3C, reduces significantly.

It does this by recording the links between things, allowing different parties to explicitly reference the same concepts, and by applying "inference" to determine when they're implicitly refering to the same concepts.

Online Catalogues

Before you can use data, you need to know that it exists. And that it is of sufficient quality for use. This is what catalogues help you with.

Catalogues also help Linked Open Data, because they help different parties refer to the same things the same way.

About Us

Byron Cochrane

Byron has over 25 years experience as a leader in providing interpretability and data linking solutions in a large number of contexts across the globe. His greatest expertise in in Open Data Standards implementation and development - particularly in the geospatial realm. Byron has served at various levels of government, the military and private industry, both in New Zealand, Australia and the US. He has often been turned to by organisations wishing to develop, organise and manage their disparate data using standards based interoperability solutions. In recent years Byron has contributed to multiple international interoperability efforts including the W3C Spatial Data on the Web, numerous test bed and interoperability experiments for the Open Geographic Consortium and standards development for ISO Technical Committee 211.

Adrian Cochrane

Graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2017 and programming since he was 10, Adrian Cochrane is passionate about helping people be empowered by computers through custom software development work. His hobbies include development of a web browser for his favourite operating system (elementary OS), an illustration of the fundamentals of programming for laypeople, and an exploration of how web browsers could be more secure and work for more people. It’s not enough for Adrian to create something that works - he must know why it works!